About us

What is authentic craft?

Craft is a legacy created by civilizations through years of dedication and hardwork and transferred through generations. What contributes to the authenticity of a craft is its uniqueness, aesthetics, genuineness and cultural and historical integrity.

How do we do it?

Clustershop.in is a craft support initiative to empower craft clusters throughout India and bring them alive right where you are. Indiasocial.org and Apex Cluster Development Services (ACDS) have worked hand in hand to turn this into reality.

It all starts when we break through the geographical barriers to reach ‘real’ craft right at its origin. This ensures that each handcrafted product that reaches your doorstep is authentic in its true sense andis something you will treasure forever. Amongst the myriad cultures and vast history of India, there are many more clusters that are waiting with the hope of support from us. To help empower these talented people, we work at four levels:

"Initially, artisans were skeptical and our team spent weeks living with them in their own villages while raising consciousness and building trust. Once they themselves realized how much they were gaining andnoticed the improved circumstances, our relationship with the artisans became stronger." Mehfooz Ahmed affirms this with his story. "I spent two months training with IndiaSocial, which provided contacts with potential buyers. I learned a great deal about technology. Though I am a very small artisan located in a small village in Saharanpur, I was eventually able to buy a computer so I am more and more in touch with buyers over the Internet.”

Success stories like these make the whole process immensely fulfilling and worthwhile. This inspires us to continue our work as rigorously and effectively as possible.

Who are we?

IndiaSocial.org was founded in 2000 to create opportunities for Indian craftspeople. “We assist social organizations and disadvantaged artisans with marketing and skill building, and strive to create opportunities for the crafts sector.”

Apex Cluster Development Services (ACDS) also known as Clusterkraft is a Delhi based consultancy firm which work towards the objective of MSME cluster empowerment through Local Economic Development (LED) techniques. "We find that artisans are at a disadvantage in aglobal market and many times must sell their work at distressed prices. Yet more Indians work in handicrafts than in any other sector except agriculture.There are more than 1,000 artisan clusters in India. Our organization is a pioneer in artisan cluster development."

Our Vision- We work with a vision to overcome barriers that keep you and genuine craft apart ! For this we draw upon promising marketing channels like e-commerce. Clustershop.in envisions to be a virtual hub where heritage gets right through the craftsperson to you ensuring fair trade and revenue to craftsmen and a competitive price for you.

Our Mission- Our aim is to work with craftspeople in a self-sustainable fashion - marketing authentic rural skills to urban markets all over the world.

We envisage benefit for all. Together, we bring to you Clustershop!

How do you help?

Over time, authentic handcraft has been unreasonably recreated and industrialized leaving the original artisans exasperated. They face undue competition from faster, cheaper and more accessible – but unauthentic -variations of their very own inherited craft. It is of utmost importance that these craftsmen’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) be protected. This is precisely why we strongly endorse Geographical Indications (GI) registration.

So each time you shop with us, you associate with and help a genuine craftsperson. You preserve folklore. You embrace art. You bestow hope.

How does GI ensure that the craftsmen’s rights are protected?

A craft is the intellectual property of it creator. Without a legal protection it becomes difficult to protect a craft as there are high chances of its being copied or stolen, hereby altering with its authenticity. This is where Geographical Indications helps.

Geographical Indications (GI) are understood by consumers to denote the origin and the quality of products, hence protecting the authenticity of the original craft. It refers to a location as being the place of origin of that product. Typically, it conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin in that defined geographical locality, region or country.

Many crafts have acquired valuable reputations which, if not adequately protected, may be misrepresented by dishonest commercial operators. False use of geographical implications by unauthorized parties is detrimental to consumers and legitimate producers. Consumers are deceived into believing that they are buying a genuine product with specific qualities andcharacteristics, when they are in fact getting an imitation. Legitimateproducers are deprived of valuable business and the established reputation of theirproducts is damaged. (http://ipindia.nic.in/girindia/)

Since we endorse and encourage registered Geographical Indications (GI), we ensure authenticity of each product that comes to you.

So shop at ClusterShop and spread joy!